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Yes, I DO need a new purse. Specifically, a Kelly Moore Bag.

When my husband and I were planning our trip to Turkey last year, I did not for a moment consider leaving my 5D camera at home.  Yes, it was heavy.  Yes, it was large.  Yes, I had other options, such as my well-researched point-and-shoot (then 4 years old, but still takes great photos) or my entry-level dSLR.

But I love landscape photography.  (Did you know this about me?) I wanted to take the best images I could, and if that meant lugging my full-frame camera all around Turkey, well then gosh-darnit-all, that’s what I was going to do!

I don’t regret it.  In another post at another time, I’ll show you why.

What I did not enjoy, however, was the camera bag I was using.  It was uncomfortable, unwieldy, and unsightly.  Not to mention conspicuous – it pretty much screamed, ‘Hi! I’m a camera bag!’

Now we’re working on planning our next international vacation, and I am not taking that bag with me.  I won’t do it and you can’t make me.

What am I doing instead?  (You guys, I’m so excited I’m almost bouncing – or I would be if my couch didn’t morph into a veritable quicksand over the last few years).  I am buying a Kelly Moore Bag!  Specifically, the B-Hobo.

Aesthetically, it’s just my style – even if it weren’t a camera bag, I’d rock a purse that looked like this any day.  But it is a camera bag, and since it’s so cute, it will be inconspicuous for travel.  (Nope, no pricey equipment in here, would-be thieves!)

It looks like it’s spacious, but not enormous, so not too bulky to travel with comfortably.  The compartments are adjustable with removable dividers, so I can configure it for whatever combo of lenses/miscellany I’m bringing.

It also has a zipper, which is essential.  (My camera on a plane in a bag without a zipper? Let alone for walking around a large metropolis? No thanks). It comes with a long strap, so I can wear it messenger-style.  And maybe most importantly, it looks like it will be very accessible when I need it to be.  No more fumbling with awkwardly placed zippers and compartments when I need to change lenses quickly.

All of the above features mean I will probably end up using it for shoots locally, too.  So this purchase has nothing to do with my love of purses and my I-swear-I-can-stop-anytime habit of collecting them.  And everything to do with pairing practicality with comfort AND style!

I can’t wait to try it out!  Now if only I could decide on a color.  Current contenders include black, grassy green, or mustard yellow.  Part of me is drawn to the canary, too. Help?!

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Moore

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