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Winter Personified: An Introduction

I’ve lived in the tundra Minnesota for most of my life, and trust me, despite the desert blood running through my veins, I’ve pretty much gotten used to the winters here.  But there are always one or two cold snaps (by which I mean sprint-to-the-car-and-hope-you-don’t-get-frostbite days) each season that have me shaking my dried and cracked fist at the sky, wondering what on earth keeps me here.

One cold day, I decided it would be fun to do a fashion shoot that put a face to the 3-5 months that we call ‘winter’ here.  I choose to live here, so why not own the cold?  I’d find a talented model and hair/makeup artist, and together the three of us would transform the model from a person into Winter Personified.  We’d shoot somewhere snowy and vast, an appropriate setting for Winter’s fashion shoot.

During the course of my planning, I paid a visit to a thrift store to try to piece together an outfit for Winter – something I hadn’t completely worked into my vision yet.  I wandered down the skirt aisle and picked up a nice beige and blue one.  Pretty, and in one of the color schemes I had in mind, but definitely summer-y.  I looked at it with regret, sighed, and started to put it back.

And then, lightening.

Anyone looking at my face at that exact moment probably would have been alarmed, because the idea I’d just had struck me with so much force that it actually froze me in my place.

I would not just be portraying Winter in a winter setting.

Oh, no.

I would offer a much richer view of Winter’s life.

Winter, you see, is just like you and I.

She has a home, and sometimes she stays in and relaxes.  She goes on vacations and soaks in the cold, glittering sunshine.  She dresses in her finest for nights on the town.

This small shoot that I’d planned had suddenly taken on a life of its own, and transformed into something much bigger, and so much more satisfying, than I’d originally imagined.

I am extremely grateful to my talented team members, Alex (our beautiful model) and Heath (the man behind the hair and face, for helping me create the first of what I am calling Creative Concept shoots.  I would be remiss not to also thank my husband, who gave up part of his day to help lug things around in the cold, and my parents, whose house I raided for some of the props!

For now, I’m only going to post two teasers from the shoot. (Want one more? Go here. While you’re there, Like my page!)

Keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks for the full story of Winter Personified!


Are you a makeup/hair artist, model, or stylist with a creative vision?  Let’s chat about bringing it to life – contact me at!

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