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Jen – Composer Extraodinaire! :: Chicago Portrait Photography

It’s not because I’m biased that I describe Jen as one of the most insanely intelligent and talented people I know.  She just…is.  We were roommates our freshman year in college along with Veronica (Watson 217 HOLLA!), and I remember writing in my journal that I was amazed at the sheer volume of talent and overall awesomeness living on my floor.  Jen exemplified that.  I quickly discovered that she sang like an angel, was all sorts of musically gifted, and could prove mathematical theorems at an alarming pace.  Jen is now a composer, and you can and should check out her website here.  Her music is wonderful; she arranged a beautiful piece for a string trio for my wedding recessional, just so I would be able have the Egyptian culture represented musically.

This past November, we were reunited in Chicago for Veronica’s wedding.  I was nothing short of delighted when Jen asked if I would do a mini-session with her, so she could have some head shots for her website.  Wander around Chicago on a beautiful autumn afternoon with my fabulous friend, AND take photos of her?  Yes, please!

Now, Jen is one of the most genuinely sweet people I know.  She is funny, kind, humble, and lovely through-and-through.  But she has a Look that will melt your face off!  The next image takes me back to the college days, when I would ask Jen to be my Homework Enforcer.  She employed the Look very effectively and made sure I stayed on track!

From Sassy to Sweet to Sassy again, all in under 60 seconds:)

We had some positively delicious lighting toward the end of our session.  I love that this field-like setting is in the heart of downtown Chicago!

Thank you, Jen, for ambling through downtown Chicago with me – I had a blast!

January 25, 2011 - 6:44 am

V - My goodness my former roommates are gorgeous and talented (among so many other delightful things).

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