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B&W Friday: Warm Sun

I get it now.

I get why people set aside a few days of vacation every year to flee winter’s cold, dry embrace.  To suck in and stock up on sunshine, giddily swapping fur-lined boots for brightly-colored flip-flops.

My drive to see as much as I can of the world lends itself to active, adventurous vacations, and I never used to see much appeal in spending my precious vacation time lying on a beach.

But the last few weeks and months have been very busy, and I’ve had a myriad of things elbowing each other for their right to my brain space.  I wasn’t exactly stressed or overwhelmed, but as the cycles of heavy snowfalls, bitter cold, and cloudy days tripped over each other in their eagerness to reign, my energy level drooped.  I found myself feeling weighted down, like I was dragging myself from one day to the next.

So to spend a few days somewhere blissfully warm, feel the sun on my face and shouulders, and be able to leave serious thoughts behind with my feet in the sand and the ocean in my sight, was simply wonderful.  I feel refreshed.

Although we did our share of sight-seeing, what I was most grateful for this week was the warm sunshine!

On a beach in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico (taken with my iPhone)

~Leave a comment below to share what your vacation style is…or what you do to rejuvenate during a long winter season!~

I hope you all had a great week!  Sorry about the late post…I’m sure you understand :).

(PS – Stay tuned for more images from Puerto Rico, as well as a recent fashion shoot that I’m really excited to share!)

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