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B&W Friday: Be Silly

This week has been long.  And frankly, a little stressful.  Friday afternoon rolled around, and I still had no idea what to I wanted to do for B&W Friday.  I wandered through the house and tried to find inspiration, something that moved me to create an image  to share with all of you.  But everything I looked at was through tired, apathetic eyes, and I thought I was going to have to settle for a post with forced sentiment and a so-so image.

And then, as my eyes roamed carelessly over the bookshelf, my gaze landed on this.  I immediately felt a smile tug at the corners of my lips, and felt my mind unclench a little.  Who keeps this on their bookshelf??  Apparently we do.  And it’s just what I needed to help me transition into what by all rights is going to be a rockin weekend!

Be silly, friends.  It makes life so much easier :).

Why hello, Mr. Pillow!

To read about the strict rules and regulations of the B&W Friday series, go here.

How was your week?  Happy Friday!

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